Data East Subwoofer Only Kit SW-3V




SW-3V  Subwoofer
for Data East & Early Sega Pinball Machines

This kit consists of an 8 inch sub-woofer with attached network and spacer. The sub-woofer extends bass reproduction to 32 Hz. for unbelievable sound. No permanent modification is required to the pinball machine. The SW-3V replaces the original 8 inch speaker, while the SW-3VA includes an adapter plate so it can replace the original 6 inch speaker. The special design of the sub-woofer network routes the low frequencies to the sub-woofer. For use on Data East and Early Sega pinball machines. Not compatible with Williams machines. The SW-3V / 3VA kit includes stereo volume controls for the back box speaker levels and provides for greater bass output. For even better sound install our SWTR-3 / SWTR-3A combo kits that include backbox speakers.

Product Compatibility

Data East – Lethal Weapon 3, Star Wars, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Jurassic Park, Tales from the Crypt, Last Action Hero, Tommy, WWF Royal Rumble, Guns N’ Roses

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs

Premium Upgrade, Standard


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