96 Bullet Proof Plastic Protectors


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BP-x Bullet-Proof plastics protectors
Protect your valuable plastics with Bullet-Proof Deflector Shields. We have just introduced new clear deflector shields to protect plastics in hi-impact areas of pinball machines. These deflector shields are made from tough Armorguard material and cushion the blow from head-on impact that can crack or break acrylic plastics. Some folks use ugly backing washers for this task but they do not work as well. Backing washers have a 3/16 inch center hole and this allows the washer to slide around leaving a plastic edge vulnerable. The metal of the washer also dings the ball and causes it to wear out faster and damage the playfield. These new clear deflector shields have center holes which hug the post and stay put. They will not break on impact and will not ding the ball. Clear shields are nearly invisible in the game and do not detract from the looks. The protectors are available in multiples of 12, 48, 96 or 250 (special order).

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