Medieval Madness Dragon Lamps MM-1


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MM-1 Medieval Madness Dragon LAMPS

Is your dragon a little sluggish lately? You should be using “Dragon Lamps” and not No. 906 or 912 automotive lamps in your dragon. The common No. 906 lamps require excessive inrush currents to start to glow and they have a very short life when subjected to the over voltage operation in the dragon (different than other flasher circuits in the game).  Short life and potential failure of the drive circuitry can result. (912’s are even worse) The solution is to use the special dragon lamp designed for currents the drive circuitry can safely supply and life expectancy ten times longer than a No. 906 or 912 bulb. They even say DRAGON on them so you won’t waste them in regular flash lamp sockets.  Get USA bulbs Sold in packs of three for years of trouble free operation