Transformers Limited Edition Decepticon Stern Pinball Machine


Lightly Used – Like New!


Transformers Limited Edition Decepticon Demo Unit – Extremely low plays, like new. 


Contact us with questions prior to purchase.  Transformers pinball machine is based on the popular action figures and movie franchise.

Transformers LIMITED EDITION Features:

  • Megatron Robot Form rapid fire multiball cannon with Cyber ball lock.
  • Ironhide Transformer with Chromium Cyber Sphere player-controlled upper playfield.
  • Starscream Strike rotating action figure target.
  • Cybertron Zenith and Nadir orbit shots via second electronically-controlled gate.
  • All Spark Cube eject hole.
  • Megatron Cyber Lock Guard drop target.
  • Quake Maker shaker motor.
  • Elevating ramp to hit Optimus Prime target.
  • Bumblebee Captive Camaro target – captive ball accelerates car into target.
  • Color transparent windows in ball guides.
  • Color transparent illuminated bottom arch.
  • Traditional lock down bar, slides, brackets.
  • Full Spectrum Color Chroma LED general illumination and control lamps.
  • Ironhide metal ramp.
  • Unique backglass art.
  • 1-500 Numbered plaque and certificate of authenticity.
  • Decepticon Violet side armor legs, hinge (left side).
  • Autobot Crimson side armor legs, hinge (right side).
  • TF color split hand protector in Decepticon Violet / Autobot Crimson.
  • Unique LE Vector Sigma Data Track QR codes.
  • Authenticating Stern Pinball Inc. Official Product Hologram.
  • Enhanced LE Game Users Manual.

Game Features:

Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Kick-out hole (1), Spinning target (1), Captive ball (1). Toys include: Megatron vehicle, Optimus Prime figure, Ironhide figure. Camaro car in captive ball chamber

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Terms:  Subject to availability, no exports.  Items shipped via freight are not subject to the return policy.  These items are too large, however any and all issues will be resolved via the manufacturer warranty if applicable.  Damages cause by shipment must be documented, do not sign for a truck freight shipment if damage is determined.

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