Shelti PRO FOOS II Deluxe Mahogany Foosball Table


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Shelti PRO FOOS II Deluxe Mahogany Foosball Table including 3-Man Goalie

We are the industry’s choice for professional, competition quality foosball tables. Improve the game, by playing on the Shelti table. Made in Michigan. Designed for competition level players and recreation locations. The Shelti Pro Foos III is available as a coin-operated model, or for the HOME. All Shelti foosball tables feature the materials, construction and durability found in commercial use tables, including; solid-core legs, centerless ground urethane balls and patented Shelti counterbalanced man. Additional options include special orders for custom laminates, and chrome finish or our unique high performance Stainless Steel QPQ™ treated rods.

The Shelti PRO FOOS II Deluxe Includes:

Precisely Sized & Angled Foot

  • 880-tooth grip consistently 3/16″ atop the field for optimum ball capture and control, front & back. Sharp foot edge allows for controlled bank shots.

Unique “Lock-On-Men” Compression Bumpers

  • Won’t “walk” on rod. Natural rubber cushions playfield walls.

Counterbalanced Men 

  • Stay “parked” anyplace within 360º.

High Strength, Automotive-Grade ABS Construction Men

  • Reinforced stress points, computer-tested at ball speeds over 100 mph.

Stainless Steel QPQ™ Rod Treatment;

  • Ultra-smooth rod action. Treatment allows handles and men to be precision fit tightly on rods. Walls are.120″ thick.

High-Pressure, “Figured Mahogany” Laminate Exterior

  • No exposed cabinet fasteners, chip resistant, true furniture quality.

Side Ball Return 

  • Retrieve balls from a play position.

1½” Nylon-6 Rod Bushings 

  • Long-wearing, natural lubricity. Rods ride on just 4 points on the interior bushing surface—deters rod binding when pressure is applied to handles during play.

3-Man Goalie: Full field play.

Rattle Board: Sounds goal made.

Double-Wound Spirol Pins: Lock men & handles to rods. No “slop”.

Octagonal Hardwood Handles

“Stay-In-Play” Field Trim

  • Provides very slight rise along playfield walls so balls can’t come to rest.

Full-Perimeter Playfield Support 

  • Screw-fastened to sides and under goal walls for consistently rigid/responsive play.

3½” x 3½” Legs Solid polymer with levelers.

Full-Perimeter Playfield Support

  • Screw-fastened to sides and under goal walls for consistently rigid/responsive play.

Ball Server Hole with “Ball Hold” Recess

Injection Molded, Grit-Abraded Urethane Balls 

  • Enhanced ball control. Centerless ground for true roll.

1-Year Limited Warranty


  • Assembled Size: 55¼”L. x 30”W. x 36”H
  • Cabinet Apron Ht: 17½”
  • Cabinet Apron Surface: “Figured Mahogany” Laminate
  • Laminate Cabinet Wall Thickness: 1½”
  • Weight: 235 lbs
  • Legs: 3½” x 5½” Solid-Core Polymer with Levelers
  • SKU: CS-D-FM

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Assembly Manual: Shelti PRO FOOS II Deluxe Mahogany Foosball Table

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