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The Buckwerx Pinball Audio Adapter is the latest innovation in pinball technology! Have you ever had a hard time distinguishing sounds through the speaker system of your pinball machine? Do you ever want to play a late night game, but are stopped by your sleeping family or friends? Live in an apartment? If so, the Buckwerx Pinball Audio Adapter may be the solution!

The Buckwerx Pinball Audio Adapter allows the player to experience the entirety of the game as it was meant to be played. Hear every detail with the New Buckwerx Pinball Audio Adapter! The Buckwers Pinball Audio Adapter helps the players focus on the game – and helps to isolate the experience. The adapter is great for competitive play as it allows th eplayer to focus, while still maintaining the pinball experience. Any headphones will work with the adapter, but quality headphones will provide the best performance.

How does the Buckwerx Pinball Audio Adapter work? It works by bypassing the audio feeds that typically go to the game speakers. When headphones are not plugged in the game works normally. Once headphones are inserted, the machine speakers are shut of (or remain on if you choose) and instead routed to your ears. The volume can easily be changed from the unopened coin door. The audio adapter features high quality black powder coated hardware, and quality circuitry. The thumbwheel designed for volume adjustment is optimized for durability and convenience. All the Buckwerx kits allow the pinball player to “Plug into the game” using an integrated 3.5mm headphone jack along with a user Volume Control. Buckwerx Adapters include a factory installed system mute control. With Buckwerx Adapters you adjust your listening experience by setting the levels in your attached headphones and selecting the option to mute the factory speaker system in your Stern, Bally, or Williams pinball machine.

Manufactured in Oakland, Nebraska – Buckwerx Pinball Audio Adapters are made and sourced in the USA.

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