Buckwerx Audio Adapter for Stern SPIKE


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Buckwerx Audio Adapter for Stern SPIKE Systems
Volume knob adjusts the machine’s speaker volume without opening the coin door or pausing your game when no headphones are plugged in, and adjusts your headphone’s volume in the same way when headphones are plugged in.
Easy to install instructions included.

Compatible with all USA and Australian Spike 2 system machines (excluding The Beatles).

Game Compatibility List:
Batman 66 Premium/LE/SLE
Aerosmith Pro/Premium/LE
Star Wars Pro/Premium/LE
Guardians Of The Galaxy Pro/Premium/LE
Iron Maiden Pro/Premium/LE
Deadpool Pro/Premium/LE
The Munsters Pro/Premium/LE
Black Knight: Sword of Rage Pro/Premium/LE
Jurassic Park Pro/Premium/LE (Stern)
Elvira’s House Of Horrors Premium/LE/Signature
Stranger Things Pro/Premium/LE
Avengers Infinity Quest Pro/Premium/LE
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pro/Premium/LE
Led Zeppelin Pro/Premium/LE
Mandalorian Pro/Premium/LE