Skee-Ball Premium+ Home Arcade


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Skee-Ball Premium+ Home Arcade

Keep the good times rollin’ at home with Skee-Ball!

Level Up with a New Twist on Our Best-Selling Home Alley.
The Skee-Ball® Premium+ includes the most notable features of our Premium alley plus it introduces a stunning natural hardwood maple trim decked with a cup holder.
Interior design trends for naturalness and warmth present themselves as a counterbalance to the grey trends of years past. Whether you pair the lighter merit maple laminate or darker woodgrain finish cabinet with the unique blonde rails, the Premium+ easily complements both warm or cool home aesthetics.

Available in 3 color options:

Coal, Black and Sandstone

  • Includes five (5) solid 2.75″ round, wood polypropylene balls
  • Classic lit playfield with durable, rubber targets
  • Digital LED pixel display with colorful visuals
  • Authentic 6mm cork ramp for lasting durability
  • Ball collection and auto-return on the front
  • Ambient underside LED under-glow
  • Color changing lights programmed to correspond to players
  • Six (6) fun game modes that allow 1 – 6 players
  • Authentic Skee-Ball carnival arcade sounds
  • Easy access volume and game buttons on front
  • Natural hardwood maple rails with cupholder
  • Runs on 110v wall outlet

What is unique about the Skee-Ball® Premium+?

The Premium+ introduces a lighter maple laminate cabinet, with stunning natural hardwood maple trim – and is fully decked with a cup holder!

Interior home design trends for naturalness and warmth present themselves as counterbalances to the grey trends of years past. The merit maple finish of the Skee-Ball® Premium+ alley roller meets this demand with its unique, blond hue – which can easily compliment both warm or cool home aesthetics.

Is there a multi-player option?

Skee-Ball® Premium+ can be played by up to 6 players at a time.

Take your turn rolling (9) 2.75″ woodgrain balls at the targets in classic Skee-Ball® style or try to be as fast as you can for the highest score in 30 seconds if you’re feeling the need for speed.

Does my Skee-Ball® Premium+ require assembly?

Delivered 90% assembled in two boxes on one pallet, the Skee-Ball® Premium+ home alley roller is simple to assemble, and it guarantees endless hours of arcade-style fun! Bring an arcade classic home, have it set up, and ready to play in less than 30 minutes.

Your Premium will arrive at your house in two boxes, on one pallet. All you have to do is connect the two pieces, and you’re ready to Keep the Good Times Rollin’™!

Before you assemble or move your Premium+, find a friend. The sections should be lifted by two people. Plus, life is more fulfilling with a friend.

How big are the boxes my Skee-Ball® will arrive in? How big is each piece once unboxed?

Your Premium+ will arrive in two boxes on one pallet. One box includes the head and the playfield of the game, and the other contains the ramp.

The Premium+ head box is 67”L x 26”W x 33”H and weighs approximately 158 lbs. The ramp box is 81”L x 27”W x 20”H and weighs approximately 123 lbs. Together with the pallet, they measure 84”L x 32”W x 65”H and weighs approximately 405 lbs with additional packaging materials.

Once out of the box and fully assembled, your Premium will measure 24” W x 108” L x 66” H and weigh approximately 245 lbs.

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Coal, Sandstone, Black