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Theatre of Magic Motorized TigerSaw – This is the motorized saw only kit.

Enhance your Theatre of Magic with a Motorized GOLD mirror Tiger Saw Blade accessory for the Theatre of Magic pinball machine.

Click Here to view a video of the NEW LED Saw and Mirror Kit!

The GOLD mirror Tiger Saw blade is the exact size of the original gray saw blade. The GOLD mirror surface really stands out in the game and shimmers when it runs. The blade comes mounted and balanced on the motor assembly and control circuit.  It’s ready to go when you receive it. The motor for the saw blade is a direct drive system that has no belts or rubber tires to slip and fail. The motor/blade assembly slips right on to the Tiger Saw bracket with no drilling or permanent modifications. The motorized Tigersaw works with ALL ROM versions. If it is used with ROM 1.3X and below, the saw will run each time the tiger captive balls are hit. If ROM 1.4H is installed, the saw will also run during tiger mode play. Version 1.4H ROMs are available from sources on the web. A new version security PIC chip EWE22 for U22 is needed to go with ROM 1.4H which can be downloaded HERE.  There are many rom burning services out there such as or

The Theatre of Magic Motorized TigerSaw  kit, shown below, comes with the motorized Tigersaw blade assembly, the controller card and mounting hardware. (Note the saw blade in the picture has plastic protective film on it and looks dull.) Installation takes just a few minutes with a screwdriver. After mounting, the Tigersaw assembly plug onto the controller card. The controller board plugs on to the CPU board and connects to the Power Driver board in the backbox.  There are no tricky switches to set up and no circuit boards to solder under your playfield.

Click HERE for installation instructions.


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