Twilight Zone Diverter Magnet TZ-DM


No more pinball bounce out!

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Twilight Zone Diverter Magnet – TZ-DM

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There  has been a lot of discussion about ways to stop the ball from bouncing out of the upper playfield diverter on the news groups.  The simplest method is to incorporate a  magnet in the diverter to retain the ball until it is dumped.  The problem lies in finding the optimum  magnet to do the job, and thus probably why many folks have not been able to get this method to work satisfactorily.  If  the magnet is too strong the ball stays in the diverter.  If it is too weak, the ball still bounces out.  If it is too short, the ball flips off to the side when being released.  If  it is too long, the ball gets stuck on the overhang.  Another problem with low cost magnets is the  inconsistency in strength.  One may work  fine and another that looks just like it will not work at all.  I did some research with various scientific  grade magnets and found an optimum magnet.  It works excellent and we are even putting the double stick tape on them, so all you have to do is STICK!