Twilight Zone LED Door Flashers Kit TZ-3


Restore what was left out at the factory

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TZ-3 Twilight Zone Door Flashers Kit – Now with LED’s

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Restore the feature that was left out at the factory.  This kit installs flasher bulbs #20 and #41 (page 2-53) indicated in the TZ manual that were left out in production. If you look at the lamp holder board under the Door Panel, you will see two large empty holes.  This is where the flasher lamps go. This kit is Plug and Play and uses mounted LED’s that are included. It is all pre-wired with connectors to plug into the game wiring. While you are installing this kit, why not add the Gumball Sparkle kit too?

Bally Williams – Twilight Zone Kit

Click HERE for installation instructions.