Twilight Zone Piano Pinball Mod


TZ-2 Twilight Zone Piano Accessory

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Twilight Zone Piano Pinball Mod

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Here is a neat little accessory for your Twilight Zone pinball machine to fill the void in front of the clock.  It also solves the problem of the light bulbs falling out of the sockets right when you are up to 9 billion points and can’t stop to fix the game.  This Twilight Zone Piano pinball mod will not block the view of the clock and gives the game a little more finished look. It’s also easier for new players to recognize the piano shot. The piano accessory is formed in tough polyurethane and is ready for immediate installation when you receive it.  It features a rubber music roll to deflect air-balls and also protect the bulbs. Its lower edge overhangs the scoop enough to also protect the balls from dinging and causing accelerated playfield wear.  It’s bracket mounts with the original lamp holder screws.

Williams Bally Twilight Zone

Click HERE for installation instructions.