Fat Cat Blazer Soft Tip 16gm


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Fat Cat Blazer Soft Tip 16gm
Ignite your fiery passion for darts when you come to shoot with the Blazer soft tip darts! Your throws will spark hot competition, and you will stand triumphant on the ashes of your foes. Each Blazer dart includes a Nickel Silver barrel for long-lasting durability and smooth styling, and features heavy knurling for a consistent grip. These barrels are set to incite the fire within as you scorch the dartboard. Nylon shafts provide the proper spacing and weight distribution for your flights which feature exclusive Blazer graphics. Each set comes packaged with a dart case, six convex nylon shafts, three Blazer flights, and a dart repair tool.
  • Enduring plated alloy barrels provide the best quality, boasting high strength and smooth styling.
  • Knurled barrel with grooves and hand-painted rings provide an excellent and consistent grip throw after throw.
  • Wide glide flights featuring smoldering flame designs allow your darts to fly straight and true; consistency in flight is the path to higher scores.
  • Convex nylon shafts are a provide the proper spacing between the flight and the barrel to ensure the flights are fully utilized.
  • Includes three flights, six nylon shafts, and a slim case.
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