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Twilight Zone Gumball DAZZLER Kit

Check out our You Tube video with all of our TZ mods user name Pinballprospeakers Click here to see a video!

Put some extra pizzazz in the Gumball Machine. We just finished the new Dazzler mod for the Twilight Zone Gum ball Machine.

This Dazzler kit offers 8 red, white, and blue LEDs with 5 background modes, and 5 different colors of lighting. Also 9 different dynamic modes that change with loop shots and rocket shots. All run by a microprocessor This is the most advance kit ever made for the Gumball machine, and never before has it been seen till now. All kits are made here in the USA including the laser cut plastics, and boards.

Here is a video link of the dazzler in action kit is Plug and Play and mounts in place of the plastic diverter. It is all pre-wired with connectors to plug into the game wiring. While you are installing this kit, why not add the Door Flasher kit and restore this lost feature?


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Click HERE for installation instructions.

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