Super Shot Home Arcade Basketball


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Super Shot Home Arcade Basketball


  • Includes five (5) standard size 6 SuperShot® basketballs
  • Large LED display using full color dot matrix with animated gameplays
  • Top 10 local leaderboard (initials) to track scores and gameplay
  • Adjustable backboard and hoop height from 7’8″ to 8’6″
  • Adjustable length to allow shooting from 7′ or 9′
  • LED illuminated underglow cabinet and backboard
  • Color changing lights programmed to correspond to players or gameplay
  • Nine (9) game modes that allow 1 – 8 players
  • Easy access volume, lighting effect and game control buttons on front
  • Rocker on-off power switch located on the back of the game
  • Side cages made with net material to reduce weight, noise & vibrations

Game Play

 Classic Arcade (up to 6 players): Each player gets 30 seconds of play, clocking 2 points per basket. High score wins.

Arcade Endurance (up to 6 players): Each player gets 30 seconds of play, clocking 2 points per basket, with an additional 5 seconds added for every 20 points scored. High score wins.

Shootout (up to 6 players): Players shoot one at a time. 1 point per basket. First round, make a basket every 5 seconds to move to the next round. Round two, every 4 seconds; round three, every 3 seconds, etc. High score wins.

Duck Game (up to 6 players): Score points for every bucket you sink with a duck in your crosshair.

Closest To Zero (up to 6 players): Be the hero of the game by scoring as close to 0 seconds on the shot clock as it counts down.

Around The World (up to 6 players): How many countries can you claim? Earn 1 point per basket as you find yourself on a journey around the world.

Go 4 It (up to 4 players): Claim four squares across, down, or diagonally by scoring a basket when the highlighted box is lit.

Tower King (up to 6 players): Can you make it to the boss battle in this tower-stacking game? Lock in the sliding tower “bricks” by making baskets to build the tallest tower.

Bracket Buster (up to 8 players): Organizes a bracket tournament, 2 points per basket for the first 25 seconds, 3 points for the final 5 seconds.

Minimal Assembly

You’ll be shooting hoops in no time!
Delivered 90% assembled in three boxes on one pallet.
Assembly can usually be done in 60 minutes or less. All you have to do is install and adjust the legs, attach the preassembled backboard and side cages, and plug in 4 cables.

Before you assemble or move your SuperShot, find a friend. The sections should be lifted by two (2) or more people. But no more than ten. You’d be stepping on each other’s feet and… yeah, two is enough.


The height and length adjustment of SuperShot makes it ideal for “kids” of all ages. The cabinet is just over 2’8″ wide. Height is adjustable and can range from 7’8″ to 8’6″, depending on your space or ceiling height! The adjustable front drawer can be pulled in and out allowing players to easily shoot from 7’5″ or 9’3″ to the basket. SuperShot fits comfortably in rooms with standard 8 ft. ceiling heights, however, for the best gameplay, we recommend finding it a home in a space that has 9 ft.+ ceiling heights (just thinking about your shooting arch).

Assembled Dimensions: 32″ W x 89.5-111″ L x 92-102″H

Weight: 326 lbs.

Ships: 3 Boxes, 1 Pallet

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