Aerosmith Custom Dirty Donny Jacky Hand Painted

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Signed by Dirty Donny!

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Aerosmith Custom Dirty Donny Jacky Hand Painted

Stern Aerosmith Pinball Machine authentic hand painted Jacky.  These are one of a kind and may vary as these are hand painted by Dirty Donny Gillies himself specifically for Pinball Pro!  This is an incredible display piece or a direct replacement for the original inside your game!  This is not a painting service, you will receive the new Jacky and you will retain your original figure.

Compare the difference to the original!

Dirty Donny is an incredible artist.  He has done the artwork for several pinball machines including Metallica, Aerosmith, Pabst Beer can crusher.  You can find his artwork on cool stickers, posters, figures, and t-shirts