Pac-Man Pixel Bash Home Cocktail Table from Namco


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Pac-Man Pixel Bash Home Cocktail Table from Namco

The Pac-Man Pixel Bash Home Cocktail Table from Namco is available in Estate Grey, Black or Woodgrain finish – These are Bandai Namco licensed games!  Legal, licensed, and plays true to the original.  Don’t be fooled by unreliable garage built units with poor quality illegal game boards.

Pac-man Pixel Bash takes a good concept and makes it great, with more games and awesome new cabinet art!
If you grew up playing all the classic arcade games, then this is a must for your home or business. The times have changed but the games have not! Being a fully licensed game, direct from the original manufacturer, means all of your favorites are on this machine, just like you remember them.
Classic cocktail cabinet has the same shape as the old Midway cocktail cabinets but with a crystal clear 19” LCD monitor, way better than the original tube monitors. Model is always set to free play.
Greatly expanding on the concept of Arcade Party the new Pixel Bash offers even more game titles to choose from!
32 titles include:
Baraduke (1985)
Bosconian (1981)
Dig Dug (1982)
Dig Dug II (1985)
Dragon Buster (1984)
Dragon Spirit (1987)
Galaga (1981)
Galaga ’88 (1987)
Galaxian (1979)
Gaplus (1984)
Grobda (1984)
Hopping Mappy (1986)
King And Balloon (1981)
Mappy (1983)
Metro-Cross (1985)
MotoS (1985)
Ms. Pac-Man (1981)
New Rally-X (1981)
Pac-Man (1980)
Pac-Man Plus (1982)
Pac & Pal (1983)
Pacmania (1987)
Rally-X (1980)
Rolling Thunder (1986)
Rompers (1989)
Sky Kid (1985)
Sky Kid Deluxe (1985)
Splatterhouse (1988)
Super Pac-Man (1982)
Super Xevious (1984)
Tower Of Druaga (1984)
Xevious (1982)
  • Sit-down cocktail cabinet design matches the size of other standard arcade cocktail cabinets
  • 1980s style arcade (8-way) joystick with a red ball-top
  • Plugs into any standard three-prong home outlet

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Terms:  Subject to availability, no exports.  2 week lead time.  Items shipped via freight are not subject to the return policy.  These items are too large, however any and all issues will be resolved via the manufacturer warranty.  Damages cause by shipment must be documented, do not sign for a truck freight shipment if damage is determined.

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Estate Grey, Woodgrain, Black

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