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Star Wars Premium Pinball Machine from Stern

If you are ready to own your very own Stern Star Wars Premium pinball machine, Pinball Pro can help.  There will be three editions of the game, a Pro, Premium and Limited Edition, all celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Star Wars franchise. The Pinball machine was designed by Steve Ritchie focusing on the original trilogy.  The machine will feature two LCD screens, sculpted toys including the Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighters and the Death Star. The Death Star toy is more elaborate on the Premium/Limited Edition models, the Death Star has an “Exploding Feature” which opens the Death Star letting out Pinball into play!  The Premium and Limited Edition models also feature a Hyperspace ramp.

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About Pinball Pro

Pinball Pro is a family owned and operated company located in Nebraska.  A family of pinheads to be exact, this is our passion.  We offer full service options on products we sell and stock.  In addition we manufacture Pinball Pro Speaker kits, many mods and accessories to trick out your game.  Most Noteworthy is our stock of brand new pinball machines and arcade games.  We appreciate your business and hope you will buy you next Stern Pinball Machine from us!  If you have questions regarding Stern Star Wars Premium Pinball Machine for sale please contact us to answer any questions you might have, because enjoy talking pinball and we are here to help.  Pinball Pro can deliver your brand new machine safely right to your front door.  We want to make owning your first machine the best experience possible!

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