Williams Black Knight 2000 Kit


Williams System 11 – Black Knight 2000

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Williams Black Knight 2000 Kit
and Other System 11 Pinball Machines

Full speaker upgrade kit for Williams Black Knight 2000 Pinball Machines. This kit has a high quality direct bolt in replacement/upgrade speaker for the original 6 ½” OEM speaker in the base cabinet. It is a heavy-duty unit with much better frequency response and higher power handling capability. The included wiring harness greatly simplifies installation and requires no soldering. This kit includes an 6.5 inch upgrade speaker, a Plug and Play wiring harness, one 6½-inch SP-6 speaker and one 5¼-inch SP-5 speaker with an adapter.  This combination of speakers was chosen to enhance the musical soundtrack of the Black Knight 2000. It is suited for any System 11 games that do not have explosions or other bass demanding sounds requiring the capabilities of our 8 inch subwoofer systems. No size adapters are supplied for the base cabinet and left speaker, so the game must use the same size speakers as this kit.


Black Knight 2000


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