Cirqus Voltaire Speaker Kit – SWTR-2CV



SWTR-2CV for Williams Cirqus Voltaire

Full speaker upgrade kit for Williams WPC-DCS Sound Pinball Machines using an low profile mount. This low profile mount avoids interference with the with the ring master assembly in Cirqus Voltaire. It requires removing the original speaker mounting block to install the SWTR-2CV Sub-Woofer directly to the floor of the base cabinet using an extra block for placement. The sub-woofer extends bass reproduction to 32 Hz. for unbelievable sound. The special design of the sub-woofer network routes the low frequencies to the sub-woofer, and the full sound spectrum to the left and right back-box speakers. Because of the two different speakers employed, the frequency ranges are slightly different. The effect is centered mid frequencies that improve speech positioning and clarity and some stereo simulation in the music backgrounds. The SWTR-2CV includes an L–pad volume control for the back box speaker level and provides for much greater bass output and quality sound. The included wiring harness greatly simplifies installation and requires no soldering. For machines manufactured after 10/1993 and having the soundboard with two speaker driver outputs. This kit includes an 8-inch sub-woofer with attached network, cabinet adapter plate, one 5¼-inch SP-5 speaker, one 5¼-inch SP-5 speaker with an adapter plate, and an L-pad volume control with wiring harness and plug.

Machine Compatibility – Williams Cirqus (Circus) Voltaire

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Weight 8 lbs

Premium Upgrade, Standard