Stern / Data East Pinsound Speaker Kit


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Stern / Data East Pinsound Speaker Kit


PLEASE READ THIS DISCRIPTION. THIS SYSTEM WILL ONLY WORK WITH A PINSOUND BRAND SOUND BOARD. The prefect complimentary speaker system for a Stern or Data East machine when using the PinSound audio board. Visit PinSound. This combination is a true sonic upgrade and will bring a higher level of enjoyment to game play. System consists of one 8″ Woofer,  and two 4″ Speakers, any needed adapter plates and hardware for installation. THIS SPEAKER SYSTEM DOES NOT INCLUDE PINSOUND WIRING HARNESS.  The harness and pin sound board can be purchased here direct from Pinsound.

Specifically made for PINSOUND SOUND BOARDS, Why not have the best speakers for your game!

The Pinball Pro™ speaker systems have been developed to add new impact to your electronic pinball games. Some of the older games are suffering from aging speakers and the ones that are still working are way undersized for the task. Most pinball machines have much more sound to offer than the original speakers can produce.  By replacing weak backbox speakers and adding a subwoofer in the base cabinet, your pinball game can take on a whole new dimension of entertainment. The enhanced sounds make the game more fun to play by boosting the bass and clarifying the speech. The kits provide all the various parts needed for easy installation and can be installed in a matter of minutes, generally without soldering. Our Twin-Range backbox speakers are the latest technology, and feature powerful mid-range speakers with coaxial compression tweeters. A pair of Twin-Range speakers improves the left and right sound balance and range without sacrificing separation.  Our direct purchase of speakers from the manufacturer means you get the best value for the money.

Stern and Data East Flipper Pinball machine upgrades benefit most from high fidelity upgrades such as speakers!  Upgraded Options available – See our Premium Upgrade 

Click HERE for installation instructions.


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