Vintage Erie Digger Toy Crane Arcade


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Vintage Erie Digger Toy Crane Arcade

Beautiful over-restored condition, just like the vintage 1931 diggers.  These are customs built, by hand, just as they were made in the 30’s.  Shipping crate may serve as a stand

The mechanical/electrical mechanism of this Erie Digger ‘Electramatic’ model features a new motor, switches, wiring, chains, and parts.

The digger displays and plays wonderfully! It is guaranteed for life 100% for parts and labor.

Available with a red or green enamel case with polished and plated trim

It also features a desirable “Skill Knob” feature: Twist the dial to position the claw In-and-Out.

The larger turning handle locates the claw position Left-to-Right.

These combined positioning controls result in much more player control and satisfaction than the standard Erie Digger.

The coin slide is the correct 3- bolt, 10c ABT, for a dime play, which was the standard in the 1930s-50s era.

The coin slide can be upgraded to 25c play for commercial use before shipping for a modest additional service charge.

The merchandise in the digger is not included, but assortments are available for a small additional cost.

The special replica shipping crate shown in the photos can also serve as a stand.

Dimensions: 22″ x 25″ x 76″ high including stand and header signs. Digger by itself is 23.5″ x 19′ x 34″ high.

Shipping weight is 148 lbs which includes a disposable pallet.

Available in British Green  or Red with lacquered Birch trim.  Custom colors, or walnut are also available upon request.

Terms:  Subject to availability, no exports.  2 Week lead time.  Items shipped via freight are not subject to the return policy.  These items are too large, however any and all issues will be resolved via the manufacturer warranty.  Damages cause by shipment must be documented, do not sign for a truck freight shipment if damage is determined.