High Quality Popcorn Machines

Pinball Pro carries Paragon popcorn poppers which are simply the best popcorn maker on the market today. Our popcorn poppers produce delicious, movie theater-quality popcorn every time,  eliminating the hassles of burned popcorn, poor popcorn quality and inconsistent popcorn volume.

Our popcorn poppers are available in a wide range of sizes and styles.  We never cut corners on quality—even for our cheapest popcorn popper. Popcorn machines in our line carry the same features you have come to expect from our popcorn poppers: High Output, Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum Kettle, Side Hinged Kettle, Stainless Steel Foodzone and Tempered Glass Panels, *Built in Warming Deck, * Old Maid Drawer, Presentation Drawer and Sturdy Cabinet Construction.  These features ensure that your popcorn popper will be safe, easy to clean and user friendly.

Whether you’re looking for a business popcorn popper, popcorn machine for your concession stand or a popcorn popper for your own home, Paragon Pinball Pro has the perfect popper for you. We also carry a full line of popcorn concession supplies to compliment your new popcorn maker. Contact us today to find a popcorn popper that’s right for you.

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Paragon 1911 Antique Popcorn Machine Popper


The manufacturers flyer can be seen here for even more information!

Why a Popcorn Machine?

There are many places a popcorn machine can be useful, your home in side a game room, home movie theatre, bar, recreation room, or even your workshop or garage.  It can also be used for business, sports boosters, concessions, special events.  We carry popcorn machine of all sizes right here at Pinballpro.com just go to our products drop down and click concessions!  We have machines designed for home use as well as commercial, but rest assured they will out perform imports.  I am please with th performance we get from these American made machines, parts and warranty are never an issue!