SAM Real Knocker Kit for Stern Pinball


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SAM Real Knocker Kit for Stern Pinball

Dislike the screech of the synthesized knocker on Stern SAM pinball machines?  Want a real knocker in your game just like the good old days?
This kit includes everything you need to install a real knocker in your Stern SAM system pinball machine.
Along with all the physical parts, you also get a full color installation instruction guide and mounting template.

Installation Note:
The 2 adjustment settings that need to be changed in the service menu to activate the knocker can have different numbers for each game.  The screenshots included in the instructions are from The Walking Dead.  Please scroll through your SPI Adjustments and match the setting by name and not by number.

Supported Game List (Stern SAM):
World Poker Tour™
Pirates of the Caribbean (Stern)
Family Guy
Spider-Man™ (Black Suited)
Wheel of Fortune
Indiana Jones (Stern)
Batman The Dark Knight
NBA (Stern)
Iron Man
Big Buck Hunter
The Rolling Stones Pro/Premium/LE (Stern)
Transformers Pro/Premium/LE
AC/DC Pro/Premium/LE
Metallica Pro/Premium/LE
Avengers Pro/Premium/LE
X-Men Pro/Premium/LE
Star Trek Pro/Premium/LE (Stern)
Mustang Pro/Premium/LE
The Walking Dead Pro/Premium/LE

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