HD Playfield Glass Stern


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Stern HD Glass is High Definition anti-reflection coated pinball glass with Conservation Grade UV Protection.

Standard size pinball cabinet Anti-Reflection HD tempered playfield glass measures 21 x 43 x 3/16 inch thick and may be installed on most manufacturer’s pinball machines.¬† HD glass will block 99% of Ultra Violet light rays that will degrade artwork.¬†¬†Reduces reflection of ambient light.

Stern part number: 502-6845-00

Fits all modern Stern Pinball games and machines from other manufacturers who use standard size playfield glass including Bally, Williams, Sega, Data East, Chicago Gaming, American Pinball and Spooky.

21 x 43 x 3/16 inches

Fits all standard size machines

  • Aerosmith Pro/Premium/LE
  • Avengers Infinity Quest Pro/Premium/LE
  • Batman 66 Pro/Premium/LE
  • Beatles Gold/Platinum/Diamond
  • Black Knight Sword of Rage Pro/Premium/LE
  • Deadpool Pro/Premium/LE
  • Elvira House of Horrors Premium/LE/Signature
  • Foo Fighters Pro/Premium/LE
  • Game of Thrones Pro/Premium/LE
  • Ghostbusters Pro/Premium/LE
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Pro/Premium/LE
  • Iron Maiden Pro/Premium/LE
  • James Bond 007 Pro/Premium/LE
  • Jurassic Park Pro/Premium/LE (Stern)
  • Kiss Pro/Premium/LE
  • Led Zeppelin Pro/Premium/LE
  • Mandalorian Pro/Premium/LE
  • Munsters Pro/Premium/LE
  • Rush Pro/Premium/LE
  • Star Wars Pro/Premium/LE
  • Stranger Things Pro/Premium/LE
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pro/Premium/LE

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