Stern Pinball Back Box Speaker Kit



Stern Pinball Back Box Speaker Kit

TR-3/4 Stern Pinball Back Box Speaker Kit
for  Stern Pinball Machines

They can be installed in a matter of minutes by following our simple installation instructions.  This is a simple swap from factory.
Our Twin-Range backbox speakers are the latest technology providing dual compression tweeter and woofer units for better sound dispersion and over-all response. They improve the left and right sound balance and range without sacrificing separation. The effect is centered mid frequencies that improve speech positioning and clarity and provide some stereo simulation in the music backgrounds. For machines manufactured from 1995 as Stern produced games using 4.5″ speakers.  This kit compliments the SW-4VB Subwoofer kit.

The TR-3/4 Backbox Speaker kit includes two 4.5″ speakers, and mounting hardware.

Machine Compatibility – All Stern Games using 4″ speakers, Whitestar, SAM, SPIKE

Fits Stern Pinball Machines

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Weight 3 lbs

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