Deadpool Pinball Machine Just Announced

Deadpool is the next title!
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Pro – Premium – Limited Edition

Although all of the game features are described on the feature matrix, I wanted to highlight them for you in a little more detail. Please read through these 6 features so you know what to say when your customers ask “what does the Premium/LE playfield have that the Pro doesn’t?”

1. Disco ball: Throughout the game-play (achieving different rule sets) the 3D disco ball will illuminate which shines across the playfield. This is an extremely cool effect when it occurs. Why a disco ball? If you have time, google Dazzler (one of characters associate with Xmen) and you’ll see she’s a dancer and her outfit is themed accordingly with a Disco. There is no disco ball on the Pro.

2. Drop Targets/Stand up Targets: On the Pro model you’ll fine 4 stand up targets on the left spelling D-E-A-D and 4 stand up targets on the right spelling P-O-O-L. The Premium and LE play field has all drop targets instead of stand-up targets. This changes the feel and flow of the shots compared to the stand up target.

3. Wire form ramps. All 3 models have wire form ramps instead of plastic. The Premium and LE playfield are coated in a Deadpool Red color. Very slick looking.

4. Toys on the Premium and LE are all 3D custom molded and hand painted. The Pro have all plastic with Deadpool swinging from a hammock on the left side which is actually pretty neat and unique.

5. All of the soundtracks (11 songs) are all original songs. The LEs will come with a 12″ Vinyl LP with those 11 songs on there. Zombie Yeti created custom artwork for the record’s sleeve. All Premium games will come with a cassette tape with custom Zombie Yeti artwork on the sleeve.

6. Actuated Up/Down ramp- this is the most important difference between the Pro and Prem/LE playfield. The left orbit shot loops around the back and passes through a two-way control gate and around the right side up onto the katana sword ramp and down to the right flipper. This allows for continuous combo shots by looping around and around. This feature opens the flow of the game drastically. The Pro does not have this feature.

Also, the LE-only features (not found on pro or premium):

1. anti-reflection pinball glass

2. High powered speaker system with 3 channel amp

3. Illuminated speaker rings in Deadpool Red

4. LE mired backglass by Zombie Yeti

5. LE exclusive art blades

6. Powder-coated metal flake Deadpool Red side armor, hinges, legs and front lockdown  molding

7. Shaker Motor

8. Vinyl LP (record) with 11 original music tracks from Deadpool Pinball and customer artwork on the sleeve.