american pinball galactic tank

Galactic Tank Pinball Machines

American Pinball Just released Galactic Tank! There will be 4 versions, of course the Signature and Limited are in the incredible “Tank Package”.

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  1. Signature Edition – This top-end model is the ultimate collector’s item, featuring the unique tank-box form factor. Limited to only 200 units, each machine will be signed by the entire American Pinball team. The Signature Edition comes with exclusive extras, a special signed apron, and a stunning 3D back glass.
  2. Limited Edition – Also boasting the tank-box form factor, the Limited Edition is another premium option for your customers. With only 500 units being produced, this edition offers a degree of rarity and exclusivity.
  3. Deluxe Edition – For those seeking the traditional pinball experience, the Deluxe Edition is designed with the classic form factor, ensuring a familiar yet exhilarating gaming experience.
  4. Classic Edition – To be released later this year, the Classic Edition is perfect for those who appreciate simplicity and timeless design in their pinball machines.