Pinhedz Black Ops One Step Carnauba Wax




Pinhedz Black Ops One Step Carnauba Wax

Black Ops Series– Quick in and out, easy products designed for operators or regular pinball machine owners who just want to job done. Products that will clean and protect in one easy application. Unlike other cleaners that clean and do not effectively wax, Pinhedz protection products always contain quality carnauba wax, the best option for pinball machines.

Pinhedz One Step Wax – Those who want cleaning and waxing in one application, this product will remove ball trails and swirl scratches, leaving behind a layer of Carnauba wax for optimum surface protection. It is quick and easy, however the quality protection is not sacrificed. (Competitive knowledge, Silicone is NOT sufficient play field protection and does not last, headlight cleaner contains no protection)

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