James Bond 007 pinball

Stern Announces James Bond 007 Pinball


Stern announces James Bond 007 Pinball as their next cornerstone game today! James Bond 007 pinball machine using the Sean Connery era of movies! You know the deal, we will be adding additional pictures to this page as well as links to the products images and pricing. So check back frequently as we continue to add information! At this time we are not taking any additional orders for Limited Edition at this time!

A note on the 60th Anniversary:
At a later date, Stern will be releasing James Bond 007 60th Anniversary Limited Edition. This game is entirely different than the James Bond Limited Edition. It was designed by Keith Elwin and offers players a retro-inspired playfield. This Anniversary Edition will be limited to 500 globally. When we release the game you’ll be given an allocation and pricing. There will be no Pro or Premium for this 60th Anniversary Edition. THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION!

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