Old Installation Instructiona

These pictures are supplemental to the Printed instructions included with each systemWilliams Base Cabinet InstallationWilliams Step 1
Step 1.
Williams Step 2
Step 2.
Williams Step 3
Step 3.
Williams Step 4
Step 4.
Williams Step 5
Step 5.
Williams Diverter InstallationWP-89 Diverter
Diverter Installation WP89 (SW-1)
Williams Volume Control Installation for SW-2V2V Volume Control
SW-2V Volume Control Installation on A16917 Board
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2V Volume Control
SW-2V Volume Control Installation on A20516 Board
Click to enlarge pictureSW-2CV / SWTR-2CV installationSWTR-2CV Installation
View underneath base cabinet
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SWTR-2CV Installation - Inside
View inside base cabinet
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Data East Base Cabinet Installation

Data East Step 1
Step 1.
Data East Step 2
Step 2.
Data East Step 3
Step 3.
Data East Volume Control Installation for SW-3V

3V Volume Control
SW-3V Volume Control Installation
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SWTR-3 Backbox intallation

SWTR-3 Backbox Install
SWTR-3 Backbox intallation
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Close-up of Control Installation for SWTR-3 Backbox intallation

SWTR3 Conrtol Installation

SWTR-3 Control installation
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TR-1 Installation in The Getaway using optional capacitor and diverter

TR-1 Install

TR-1Left Speaker  TR-1 Right Speaker
Left and Right Speaker Details
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TR-2 Installation

TR-2 Install

TR-2 Installation for DCS sound
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TR-3 Installation

TR-3 Install
TR-3 Installation for Data East
TR3 Plug
Plug detail in some Data East Models
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Gottlieb/Premier Volume Control Installation for SW-5V

5V Volume Control
SW-5V Volume Control Installation on A5 Auxiliary Power Supply Board
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Twin Range Speaker Wiring

Twin Range Wiring Diagrams

Twin Range Speaker Wiring Diagrams


CF-1 Pin-Save™ Backbox Cooling Fan

Fan Connection
CF-1 Cooling Fan Installation – Connect pigtail wires per instruction sheet
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Fan Connection
CF-1 Cooling Fan Installation – Connect pigtails together with wire nuts and and then mount per instruction sheet


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