Tech NotesThese are some differences reported by customers that may appear in other games

WPC 89 speaker wiring:

Terminator 2: (You can now use the SWTR-1 kit and eliminate all these modifications)
We have found in Terminator 2 that the speaker wiring is not the same as the other WPC 89 series games and will cause the SW-1V kit not to operate properly. The fix is very simple. Locate the speaker wiring connectors along the bottom of the sound card. There is a row of 8 pins and two 4-socket headers are plugged onto the 8 pins side by side. If your game is not correctly wired, there will be three wires going to the left socket and one to the right socket header. The correct wiring is pictured below. The left header should have a wire in the third from the left socket, and the right header should have a wire in the second from the left socket. The other wires should be removed by pulling them out or cutting, and then connected together. Strip the ends and twist them together with a wire nut or cover the bare twisted wires with some tape.

  1. Solid Black
  2. Not Used
  3. Black with Yellow Stripe
  4. Black with Yellow Stripe
  5. Not Used
  6. Black
  7. Not Used
  8. Not Used
  1. Not Used, cut wire and connect to wire from 4.
  2. Not Used
  3. Black with Yellow Stripe (leave)
  4. Not Used, cut wire and connect to wire from 1
  5. Not Used
  6. Black (leave)
  7. Not Used
  8. Not Used
Terminator 2 wiringDual 4-socket Headers

Also when installing a set of TR-1A back box speakers, be sure to remove the wiring that goes to the right speaker. Only connect one black wire and one black with yellow stripe wire to the wire nuts on the left speaker.

Funhouse:  The back box speaker set is from the System 11 series and requires a TR-11 kit wired like a TR-1 kit so let us know if ordering Back Box speakers for this game so we can set them up properly for you. Order TR-11WH.



Medieval Madness: Use the SW-2MM Sub-Woofer kit and remove the original wood block and studs from the bottom of the base cabinet or make a special box that mounts the Sub-Woofer under the cabinet.


Cirqus Voltaire: Requires moving the SW-2V Sub-Woofer in front of the old speaker and cutting a new hole in the base cabinet or making a special box that mounts the Sub-Woofer under the base cabinet. If the SW-2V Sub-Woofer is installed where the original speaker is located, the ringmaster bracket will hit the SW-2V Sub-Woofer when the playfield is slid out of the cabinet.  NEW CV kit does not require any cutting!


Data East:

Simpsons and Back to the Future has a 6 inch speaker in it instead of the usual 8 inch and a WPC adapter plate is required. The SW-3VA is the SW-3V kit with an adapter plate.


Twister and Jurassic Park, The Lost World has only one speaker in the back box. It can be replaced with both speakers in the TR-3B kit. The wires will have to be spliced from the new speaker cables to the old cable coming from the sound board plug.  The TR-3B kit has the hardware and wiring needed to mount both speakers and the benefit is much better overall sound and balance.  This is the same situation in some of the other mid years model Sega games.

Monopoly:  The support rails are located right over the speaker at the head end and will not clear the Sub -woofer. Just unscrew the rails and move them out to a new location toward the sides of the game and re-attach to the playfield.